ludvig cimbrelius – love letters from the sky [sound in silence]

Ludvig Cimbrelius is a Swedish musician who for over a decade has been producing his wonderful music, ranging from ambient and modern classical to deep electronic and minimal dub techno, under his own name and many different aliases such as Eternell, Purl, Illuvia and others. His music has been released on many labels, including Silent Season, Dewtone Recordings, Archives, A Strangely Isolated Place, Sound In Silence, Databloem, Stereoscenic Records and many others, as well as his own labels Eternell and LILA लीला.

Love Letters From The Sky consists of eight compositions of calm piano meditations resting on distant ambience, with a total duration of about 55 minutes. For all his piano focused releases Cimbrelius tends to use his own name instead of any other alias and the same applies here. The album is the result of some love letters he received and translated to melodies during the past 4 years, creating a smooth and immersive aural experience, based on piano recordings, made both in Sweden as well as on a very old piano up in the mountains of Georgia last autumn, airy synth textures and delicate guitar swells.
Love Letters From The Sky is an atmospheric piano album of ethereal ambient, exquisitely mastered by George Mastrokostas (aka Absent Without Leave), which matches perfectly the warm light of early autumn.

Released September 26, 2022

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