the green kingdom – voyager [sound in silence]

The Green Kingdom is the solo project of Michael Cottone, a sound artist and graphic designer based in Michigan, USA. Interested in creating compositions which blur the lines between soundscape and structure while keeping a sharp focus on melody, his pieces are crafted using a variety of instruments, electronic sources, sampled textures and field recordings.
Since 2006 he has released several wonderful albums and EPs on labels such as Lost Tribe Sound, Dronarivm, Home Assembly Music, Hidden Vibes, Past Inside The Present and many others.

Voayger is a melodic ambient album of twelve new tracks with a total duration of about 43 minutes. Seamlessly blending together ringing melodies, soothing electric guitar swells, textures of lush synth pads, twinkling chimes, lulling acoustic guitar chords, delicate electric piano, subtle bass lines and gentle rhythms, Cottone creates a wonderful album inspired by the Voyager spacecraft, which has entered interstellar space. Voyager is now the furthest any man-made object has been from Earth, which according to Cottone symbolizes a continual sense of exploration and discovery.
Voyager is a beautiful album of floating ambience and evocative soundscapes, carefully mastered by George Mastrokostas (aka Absent Without Leave), which appeals to all fans of artists such as Helios, Hammock, Harold Budd and July Skies.

Released December 12, 2022

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