hymns 57 – fuzei / freiluft (elm records)

Hymns 57 first release on Elm Records comes in the form of this beautiful double album ‘Fuzei/Freiluft’. Written, Recorded, Arranged between summer/autumn 2021
an old battered nylon string guitar with contact mics, acoustic guitar,
korg minilogue, korg sp170s, yamaha ypt310, all processed with a variety of fx pedals

Available now to pre-via Bandcamp as a limited edition double CD with polaroid and insert card or as a digital download.

Fuzei/Freiluft isn’t a traditional double album. Each disc, offering it’s own journey, they feel akin to one another, like sister albums. While both albums are carefully collaged from loops, samples, field recording, and live instruments.

The listener can choose their own order to listen.

Fuzei delivers spacious and modern synth melodies that swirl and dissolve.

Freiluft, there is a more electroacoustic & downtempo feel. Overall these arrangements, on both albums, are gentle effusions of companionship for these disrupted times of emotional displacement. All but two of the track titles are unique words for aesthetic feelings, adding another layer of depth to unpack.

“Thanks to everyone involved in making this album come to life, a labour of love & a group effort.To my family, thank you endlessly for always supporting my noise making.
Take care of yourselves, take care of each other.
Love is the movement.”

Music written,recorded and mixed by Hymns 57

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

Cover photo (flower) by Robbi Dee

Surf kids photo by Candace de Taeye

Other photos by Hymns57

Layout design by James Osland

A massive thank you to everyone who has supported the release so far. We look forward to rest of 2022.


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