dufourd & demoulin – entre chien et loup [rtr]

‘Entre Chien et Loup’ is an old French idiom that designates the period at the end -or beginning- of the day, when the light is such that it is difficult to distinguish a dog from a wolf. 

The first collaborative album by Julien Demoulin and Frédéric Dufourd, ‘Entre Chien et Loup’ (RTR051), was recorded in late 2020 and early 2021 as result of a half year of remote musical exchanges. The two friends swapped drafts of ambient tracks recorded during lockdown, trying to bring life and light into them; they attempted to capture this particular type of light into soundscapes as the common thread for an album. The result is a collection of warmth and contemplative pieces mixing drifting aerial synth, field recordings and organic instrumental fragments. 

Julien Demoulin is a French born ambient music producer living in Belgium since 2006. He has released music since 2004, first as part of Silencio until 2013, then under his own name, on labels such as Time Released Sound, three:four records, Healing Sound Propagandist, and Sound in Silence. 

Frédéric Dufourd used to be part of lo-fi chanson duo Donna (plusriendenous.bandcamp.com), which doesn’t really account for his constant interest in field recording and electro-acoustic sounds throughout the years. In the early 00’s he helped launch Grand Téton Records (www.grandtetonrecords.com) which released Silencio’s debut album, thus marking the beginning of a musical friendship now spanning decades.  

Released February 28, 2022 

Written, recorded and mixed by Frédéric Dufourd & Julien Demoulin 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Artwork by Julien Demoulin

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