sven laux & logic moon – the unavoidable death of loneliness

Sven Laux and Logic Moon (Tobias Lorsbach) meet for the first time for The Unavoidable Death of Loneliness: a meandering, expressionist venture at the cross-section of classical and ambient.

While music is very often referred to as a journey – suggesting a path laid out in front – The Unavoidable Death traverses as a wander, a trip through emotions encountered first-hand and unprocessed. While conceived during the severely isolated times of 2020, and released in a time where lockdown fatigue is hitting new highs, the album speaks to loneliness on a more familiar and fundamental level – that of unexpected loss.

Through extended, thoughtfully composed pieces, expressions of despair, anguish, confusion and exhiliaration present themselves in ever-moving flux. Just like in the grief-laden mind, clear emotions are hard to grasp for too long, before they slip away in the darkness. Dizzying yet morbidly alluring, trembling strings swell and crash like waves, over delicate piano melodies, shimmering guitar, and dark, pulsating electronics.

These are emotions formed, put to paper, but as though still raw and unfiltered, a free association of musical feeling.


Performed, recorded and mixed by Sven Laux & Logic Moon
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Art by Maliana Wang
Design by Ambientologist 

released January 25, 2022

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