rusted tone recordings – sampler vol. 5 [rtr]

Rusted Tone Recordings enters the fifth year of operation with the RTR Sampler Vol. 5, a compilation featuring the sounds of artists appearing on the label throughout 2022. The sampler is free to download with all purchases helping the label run throughout the year. 

2022 will see first appearances on the label from Iván Muela, Tropic Noir (Bruno Pereira), Dufourd & Demoulin, Requiem (Tristan Welch & Douglas Kallmeyer alongside Simon McCorry), Sullivan Johns, Quiet Clapping (Jonathan Deasy), Yggdrasil (Paul Blackburn) Demetrio Cecchitelli, Bananafish and Heavy Cloud (Ryan Hooper). both Wil Bolton and Stuart Bowditch will return to RTR together under their Pangolins project and there will also be a Rusted Drones Vol. 2 compilation at the end of the year. Finally, James Osland also has a track on the sampler in collaboration with Andrew Heath, continuing the tradition of featuring each and every year. 

To celebrate the label entering its 5th year, a limited run of postcards has been made, featuring the album artwork from all five sampler compilations. The artwork for Samplers Vol. 2&3 were captured by Neil Carter, with the other three taken by James Edward Armstrong. The postcards are housed in a hand-stamped envelope, sealed with an RTR logo sticker. 

For 2022, there will be an operational shift: a greater emphasis will be placed on batch releases going forward with three albums released together every 3 months. This is to account for changes and restrictions regarding customs, hopefully reducing the cost and overall environmental impact. Each album released will be available individually or as part of a larger batch release. 

The photograph used for the cover art was taken at Bournemouth Beach in 2021.  

Released January 23, 2022 

Music by: Iván Muela, Sullivan Johns, Paul Blackburn, Bruno Pereira, Jonathan Deasy, Demetrio Cecchitelli, Wil Bolton & Stuart Bowditch, Frédéric Dufourd & Julien Demoulin, Ryan Cooper, and James Osland & Andrew Heath. 

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

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