fayerabend – diagnosis of our time [Shimmering Moods]

Modern science is not at all as difficult and as perfect as scientific propaganda wants us to believe. A science that insists on possessing the only correct method and the only acceptable results is ideology and must be separated from the state, and especially from the process of education. One may teach it, but only to those who have decided to make this particular superstition their own. On the other hand, a science that has dropped such totalitarian pretensions is no longer independent and self-contained, and it can be taught in many different combinations.

Such special ideologies, such special skills have no room in the process of general education that prepares a citizen for his role in society. A mature citizen is not a man who has been instructed in a special ideology, and who now carries this ideology with him like a mental tumour, a mature citizen is a person who has learned how to make up his mind and who has then decided in favour of what he thinks suits him best. He is a person who has a certain mental toughness and who is therefore able consciously to choose the business that seems to be most attractive to him rather than being swallowed by it.

Fayerabend are Mykola Yosypenko and Toni Dimitrov

Released October 29, 2020

Limited Edition CD / 50 copies / Hand Numbered / Hand Made Packages / Brown Kraft Wallets / Professional duplicated cdr

Available here: https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/diagnosis-of-our-time

Music and production: Mykola Yosypenko & Toni Dimitrov
Arrangements: Toni Dimitrov
Mastering: Dimitar Dodovski
Cover photo: Toni Dimitrov

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