diepenmaat / sallaerts – sluimer [esc.rec.]

Everything that spins, will meet itself again. Improvisations around a tape recorder take you to many destinations unknown to the regular travel agencies of music. That which stumbles need not fall. We catch and we realign. When recording everything in one take, there are no errors, only intervals. 

With Sluimer (Slumber), Jeroen Diepenmaat and Twan Sallaerts set out to outdo aesthetics again, which was doomed to failure from the get go. 

Jeroen Diepenmaat is a visual artist with a predilection for sound, who has several other Esc.rec. releases to his name. In his work, consisting of drawings, sculptures, installations and performances, he explores the cutting edge between image and sound and the transition from one to the other. 

Twan Sallaerts is a walking talking music encyclopedia with a very broad scope, an avid radio show host and producer of probably the largest heap of unreleased miscellaneous music we know of. He also recently crossed over to the visual arts. 

Diepenmaat and Sallaerts have been creating and recording music together on a regular basis for many, many years now. At some point in time they were known as Jool Hul, but the majority of their collaborative work remained hidden. Until now. 

Music, collages & design: Twan Sallaerts and Jeroen Diepenmaat

This album is co-released by independent publishing house Hellend Vlak

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