tropic of coldness – human kindness [whitelabrecs]

Tropic of Coldness is an Italian-US duo both based in Brussels, Belgium. David Gutman and Giovanni La Placa have been recording together since 2011 and have released through labels such as Cathedral Transmissions, Organic Industries, Shimmering Moods, Glacial Movements and Krysalisound. Their live performances have taken them across the Belgian cities as well as London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt, and a couple of venues in The Netherlands. 

Their new album ‘Human Kindness’ has been inspired by the current social and political framework, in particular the rise and mainstreaming of far-right political movements with their disheartening racism, authoritarianism, intolerance, bigotry and science-denialism, just to name a few of their contributions to the regression of mankind. 

It is also dedicated to all the people who, everywhere in the world, are trying to peacefully resist and oppose the deterioration of our societies by being kind, empathic and helpful towards their fellow human beings. 

In this sense, each song title is the outcome of a reflection on one of the above mentioned issues or has been inspired by a particular event. The sounds are slow and evolving as a long process of fully improvised guitar patterns are finely tuned into cathartic drones. 

These pieces are landscapes that tread the finest lines: between hope and despair, fragility and strength. In between these lines are each one of us and the choices we make.  

released October 31, 2020

Recorded and mixed in Brussels by Tropic of Coldness between September 2018 and December 2019. 
Mastered by Alessandro Rorato in December 2019. 
Artwork by Tropic of Coldness 
Packaging design by Harry Towell 

Tropic of Coldness is David Gutman and Giovanni La Placa

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