various artists – rusted drones vol. 1 [rtr]

The idea for a recurring, curated series has been bubbling away in the background for quite some time. Rusted Drones Vol. 1 is the first of a series celebrating drone, featuring ~15 minutes of new sounds from each contributing artist. Through choosing a broad style open to interpretation, the content of Vol.1 varies from one artist to the next, each bringing their own styles, approaches, and instrumentation. 

The first instalment in the Rusted Drones series opens with two artists new to the label: Malasuca (Clint Scrivener) and Rorquals (Rob Mells). Both artists are linked to RTR through creative communities in Ontario (Hymns57, (Ph)authers, Anne Sulikowski), and Southend-on-Sea (Eumig, SILENCES, Bowditch) respectively. The release also welcomes Eumig and A Home For Ghosts back to RTR who appear on side B.

Released December 12, 2021 

Music by: 
Clint Scrivener (Malasuca) 
Rob Mells (Rorquals) 
Nick Dawson (Eumig) 
Neil Carter & James Edward Armstrong (AHFG) 

A1, A2, A3 and B2 mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
B1 Mixed and Mastered by James Green 
Artwork by Julien Demoulin

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