lauge, perry frank – selvascapes [whitelabrecs]

Lauge is self-taught composer Henrik Laugesen, who is better known for his pseudonym ‘Lauge’. So far, he has been involved in the creation of 11 albums, participated on multiple compilations, sync placements and one patch bank for the Danish sound design outlet ‘Luftrum’. He also curates mixes and playlists for outlets like Spotify, under the brand ‘Ambient Soundscapes’. 

Perry Frank is project started in 2005 by Francesco Perra from Sardinia, Italy. He is perhaps best renowned for his Ambient guitar sessions, in which live performances are filmed against backdrops of scenic landscapes, museums, gardens and verandas. He has also had releases out on labels such as Idealmusik, Tranquillo Records and n5MD. 

We have seen great productivity through remote collaboration between musicians since the pandemic and in 2020, Henrik and Francesco began exchanging their sounds, files and ideas. They had the vision to combine their individual sound components into a cohesive whole. The result is ‘Selvascapes’, in which each composition is connected to forestry, reflected by the track titles and sonic content. The artists navigated their sound landscapes through this chosen theme; vastness, enormity, enclosure, open space and nature can all be gleaned by those who listen.

Written and produced by Henrik Laugesen and Perry Frank
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Harry Towell
Art and design by Andrew Heath

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