dag rosenqvist – vråen centrum [laaps]

Thematically the album is a reflection on growing up. It’s about those inner worlds that you construct as a child and how you mythologize events to make sense of things. It’s also about nostalgia and how, even though nostalgia is an arranged and polished image, it can sometimes be a great comfort. 

The past and the present exist simultaneously in all of us. What we were is part of who we are today. It defines us. And perhaps the act of growing older is a process of trying to understand and come to terms with your childhood? 

Vråen Centrum is dedicated to my father. Because I couldn’t have wished for a better one.


released February 15, 2021 

Musik, arrangemang och produktion av Dag Rosenqvist. Inspelad och mixad i Studio Omvägen 2019-2020. Flygel inspelad i Elementstudion den 22 november 2019. Assisterande tekniker Elementstudion Linus Andersson. Cello på Tidens Flod av Aaron Martin. Gitarr och diverse synthar på På Vidösterns is av Matt Christensen. 

Mastrat av Matthew Collings 
Grafisk form av Sprflxgrfzm 

Tack till Mathias Van Eecloo/Laaps Records, Marta Blomberg/Värnamo kommun, Matt Christensen, Aaron Martin, Linus Andersson, Ulla Skagerlund, familj och vänner.

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