rusted tone recordings: sampler vol. 4 [rtr]

Rusted Tone Recordings enters its fourth year of operation, starting with Sampler Vol. 4. This compilation album collects exclusive tracks from a majority of the artists appearing on the label throughout 2021, both new and returning. For a more consistent listening experience, this compilation is presented as an album rather than a collection of individual tracks; there is a sense of flow from start to finish. 

This year’s sampler features tracks from Oleksandr Demianenko, Aimée Sofia Brown, James Osland, Pool of Light, Andrew Heath, Simon McCorry, Francisco Sonur, Phonsonic, Richard Whaling, Sound Awakener, Gallery Six and Silences. Some of the solo artists featured on this sampler will be releasing music this year as part of a group. 

The sampler is free to download with an option to pay if you like. Any money raised will go toward funding this year’s releases and helping with the running costs of RTR. 

The photograph used for the cover and for the RTR imagery this year was captured on afternoon in Farnham UK, during a walk discussing the year ahead.

Released January 10, 2021 

Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Photograph captured in Farnham, UK

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