mathieu karsenti – bygones [slowcraft]

Bygones is Mathieu Karsenti’s fond farewell to his adoptive home of London after twenty-seven years living and working in the city, as the award-winning film composer moves on to pastures new. Mathieu has extended and refined the musical language of Downstream Blue, his debut on the label, into a stirringly cinematic yet exquisitely restrained suite of eight neo-classical impressions, each dedicated to a moment, encounter, love or loss experienced during his time in one of the most diverse, richly textured and complex human environments on earth. 

Slowcraft digital-only series Lifelines is curated by label founder James Murray, presenting vital and consoling works from world class genre-defying artists, each carefully mastered by Ian Hawgood and individually paired with bespoke artwork by printmaker June Murray. 

Lifelines. Hold tight.

released October 2, 2020 

Written and Produced by Mathieu Karsenti
Violin and Viola Performed by Violeta Vicci
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Artwork by June Murray
Design by James Murray

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