origin st – dark nights are setting in

Amsterdam-based Origin ST presents ‘Dark Nights are Setting In’, a two-way inspection of our human impact on the natural world, and our current position in the ongoing climate crisis.

His work in the renewable energy sector has made him increasingly aware of how long individuals have been fighting for climate action, to seemingly little effect.

“Welcome to the told you so years” read a piece of local street art he came across.

This became the motivation for the album. Yet, while writing, his thoughts moved towards recent developments in mainstream acceptance of renewables, and rapidly developing technologies. There was comfort in the momentum; but, he asks, it enough?

Written primarily for Roland RP800 Rhodes electronic piano, Novation Summit synthesiser and Ciat-Lonbarde Cocoquantus 2, and mostly recorded as live, one-take performances, Dark Nights are Setting In presents fragile industrial backdrops punctuated with sympathetic human tones.

Long, deep thought on the perils and promise of the present decade has manifested in these 10 pieces, flowing between anxiety and encouragement, guilt and resolve.


Written and recorded by Origin ST
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Art by Alisio Meneses
Design by Ambientologist

released June 14, 2022

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