test card – patterns [sound in silence]

Test Card is the solo project of Lee Nicholson, based in Vancouver, Canada. Nicholson was a member of Preston’s Formula One in the late 1990’s and Brighton’s Domestic4 in the early 2000’s, releasing albums, singles and EP’s on various independent labels such as Kooky, Fierce Panda, Liquefaction Empire, Shifty Disco, Invicta Hi-Fi, Vaclav, and Star Harbour.

Patterns is Test Card’s fourth full-length album having released his debut album on Symbolic Interaction (2016) followed by two albums on Sound In Silence (2017 and 2020), as well as an EP release on The Slow Music Movement (2018). Patterns consists of ten instrumental tracks with a total duration of 45 minutes blending laid back retro beats, shifting guitar patterns, melodic ambient, subtle piano riffs, and analog synth-scapes. Imagine if you will Hood meeting July Skies at an autumn BBQ hosted by Durutti Column with Labradford flipping the burgers and Epic45 making the mulled wine.

Released April 15, 2022

All songs composed and produced by Lee Nicholson
Recorded at Test Card Station in Vancouver, Canada
Mastered by Antony Ryan at RedRedPaw
Designed by George Mastrokostas
Artwork by Andy Cake

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