letna – starigrad [whitelabrecs]

Letna is Serbian artist Saša Vojvodić based close to Paris in France, whose projects began in the netlabel scene in the early 2000s, with early releases appearing on Standard Klik, Zymogen and Eko. He went on to form the SEM label in 2007 alongside Alexandre Navarro, from which his first CD album ‘Adria’ was released. His first cassette appeared on the Sunshine Ltd label in 2013 and since then, he has self-released occasional works. 

Saša has also collaborated, with music made alongside Steven Preston as Bridges Buildings, Alexandre Navarro as Redfish and David Sutorus as Zvezdara. It was the latter project that made Whitelabrecs reach out to Saša to see if he would be willing to create something for release on our label. 2005’s ‘The Dawn of New Possibilities’ is one of our all-time favourite netlabel releases and we are delighted to present ‘Starigrad’ which translates to old town. 

This record aims to be both contemplative and nostalgic, as if a family member is recalling tales from the memories that are evoked by an old photo album. Different times and ways of life are revealed, as stories from an old town are shared. This album serves as a time capsule, containing both the fictitious memories and album concept, alongside Saša’s own tales, contained within these field recordings, cassette tape experiments, guitar pedal swells and the everyday sounds of his own family.

released March 12, 2022 

Written and produced by Sasa Vojvodic
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by Harry Towell
Art and design by Andrew Heath

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