andrew heath – quiet noise [whitelabrecs]

Andrew Heath is a UK-based soundscape artist and composer, who creates lower case ambient music based around piano, electronics and field recordings. His discography includes regular output on Toby Marks’ (Banco de Gaia’s) Disco Gecko label, along with contributions for White Paddy Mountain, Rusted Tone and Elm. He has collaborated with many artists, including Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Simon McCorry, Seigo Aoyama, Anne Chris Bakker and Mi Cosa de Resistance. With the latter two, the music has been released by Whitelabrecs, with How To Breathe Like a Stone and A Speechless Body respectively. 

Andrew’s latest solo album, Quiet Noise, continues his obsession with small fragments of sound that we are continually surrounded by and exposed to in our everyday lives. Balancing these ‘lower case’ recordings with his fascination of texture and tone through extensive treatments and instruments such as piano and guitar, he explores this quiet and dreamlike world. Quiet Noise also develops a more recent trait in his work towards a warmer and more tonal sound. Andrew’s work is not static and is constantly changing, building and evolving as each piece in this stunning album unfolds. 

Quiet Noise presented a perfect opportunity to work with his fellow collaborators within the side project, Konstruct and so thanks must go to cellist, Simon McCorry who adds a soulful elegance to the track Embers which opens this album and to Alexander Caminada (aka Phonsonic) for stunning and majestic, half-speed flute on the concluding piece, Building Mountains. The release is rounded off with packaging designed by Andrew himself, making use of the beautiful collage artwork produced by his wife Zoë.

released February 12, 2022

Written, produced and mastered by Andrew Heath
Collage by Zoë Heath
Image manipulation and artwork by Andrew Heath

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