james edward armstrong – rushlight [self-release]

Originally written and recorded in April 2020, ‘Rushlight’ has idled on a few different hard drives and received numerous revisions. The field recordings were captured while waiting in a car during the first national lockdown in response to Covid-19; ‘Rushlight’ features the sound of a local park with nearby highway maintenance, and ‘One at a Time’ documents a supermarket car park at a time where only one adult per household could go food shopping. 

The title itself was inspired by imaginary visuals to accompany the named track – a slowly flickering flame spreading warmth and gentle glow. Rushlights were an early form of artificial light used throughout the British Isles, mostly made and used by those unable to afford wax candles. The pith of a rush plant would be dried and coated in grease before being lit. Rushlights received widespread use during WWII when supplies were limited. 

The decision to release music under my full name rather than Slow Clinic is to signify a shift in music making approaches that I hope to continue alongside other projects. Music released under the James Edward Armstrong name will incorporate much wider instrumentation and place a greater emphasis on narrative.

Released January 1, 2022 

James Edward Armstrong – writing, recording, mixing and mastering

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