anthéne – maritime [ambientologist]

anthéne, one of ambient drone’s most recognised names, presents maritime. A shift from his usual expansive, time-stretching soundscapes, maritime is something altogether more grounded, more focused. It signals the call of the open ocean, of its vast possibilities and terrors, as a similitude for the night.

In both, one faces the peace, the limitlessness, the reverence, and the promise, while at the same time the uncertain, the uncontrollable, the danger and the fear of the unknown. In such a way, maritime is presented in two parts: Side A demonstrates the beauty and inspiration of ocean views and night time explorations, while Side B addresses the vulnerable nature of vast, boundless experience.

anthéne’s patient style is clear throughout the album, shimmering guitar tones overlaying with warmth and stability, yet the addition of more troubled melodies and subtle vocal parts make for something far more poignant. It’s with honour that Ambientologist showcases something so emotionally significant; the duality of awe and terror, of the two primary elements of the sublime, channel through as one in one of anthéne’s most thoughtful offerings to date.


Composed and performed by Brad Deschamps
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Image by Dan Gaffney
Design by Ambientologist


released November 2, 2021

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