sinerider – a familiar light [sound in silence]

SineRider is the solo project of Berklee College of Music composer Devin Powers, based in Norwood, Massachusetts. For over a decade, he has been producing his sublime music, ranging from ambient and electronica to shoegaze and post-rock, having many releases on labels such as Sun Sea Sky, Archives, Dronarivm and others, or self-released. He has also recorded instrumental music of a variety of genres like indie, slowcore, lo-fi, dubstep and 8-bit, under many different aliases such as Senseed, Bleepy Bloopy, Hooting Everywhere and Reanu Keeves, while he is also one half of the projects Lakewaves and Introspecter, along with Graham Marlowe and Brian Stegmann, respectively.

A Familiar Light, SineRider’s new full-length album, features eleven new compositions of ambient soundscapes, calming atmospheres and blissful melodies. Powers blends seamlessly soothing pad layers, warm synths, delicate piano melodies, dreamy chimes, hypnotizing drones and warped tape loops, to create A Familiar Light, a captivating album which appeals to all fans of ambient pioneers such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd and Steve Roach, and beatless Boards Of Canada and Helios.

Released October 11, 2021

Recorded by Devin Powers in Massachusetts, Winter of 2021
Photography by Devin Powers
Design by George Mastrokostas

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