silences – atheist socialist noisewall [rtr]

SILENCES is the duo of Nick Dawson and James Green, two musicians at the centre of Southend’s experimental music scene. Together, the duo have delivered the heaviest album to date on RTR through ‘Atheist Socialist Noisewall’; five long-form tracks combining dense drones, waves of distortion, and noisy, tormented textures. The album’s ferocity is supported by brutalist imagery, captured at Stambridge Mill by Stone Carder. Inspired by ongoing world events, the album is best heard loud. 

The opening track ‘SLOW EARTH’ has been trimmed for the purpose of balancing side lengths for the physical cassette. An extended version has been included as a digital bonus following the album closer. 

The final track, ‘NO’, is dedicated to John Hannon.

Released September 3, 2021 

Sound recorded and mixed by Nick Dawson & James Green May-June 2021 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Artwork of Stambridge Mill by Stone Carder (instagram@stonecarder) 
‘No’ is dedicated to the memory of John Hannon

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