nhung nguyen, giulio aldinucci, offthesky – on wonders and things unseen (elm records)

‘On Wonders and Things Unseen’ is the first collaborative effort between Nhung Nguyen (www.soundawakener.com), Giulio Aldinucci (www.giulioaldinucci.com) and Offthesky (www.noise.offthesky.com) The release is now available to pre-order via the Elm Records Bandcamp page.

Nhung Nguyen is an emerging Vietnamese sound artist currently based in Hanoi, experimenting across a range of left-field aesthetics and expressions – ambient drone, electro acoustic, noise music, musique concrete, amongst others. Since 2014 Nhung has been making works under the moniker Sound Awakener – and under her real name, for the more cinematic, piano-driven projects. She hasworked with international labels such as Time Released Sound (US), Unknown Tone Records (US), Soft (France), Flaming Pines (UK), Fluid Audio (UK),Syrphe (Germany).

Giulio Aldinucci was born in Siena (Italy) in 1981. He has been active for years as a composer in the field of experimental electroacoustic music and in the research on soundscape. He composed eight albums released by the labels Karlrecords (D), 99chants (D), Home Normal (UK/J), Time Released Sound (USA) and Dronarivm (RUS). Furthermore, he made eight EPs and eight collaborative albums with Matteo Uggeri, Enrico Coniglio, The Star Pillow, Ian Hawgood, Francis M. Gri, Francesco Giannico and Pleq published by AND (I), Midira (D), Home Normal (UK/J), KrysaliSound (I), Dronarivm (RUS) and Eilean (F).

Jason Corder is part producer, video artist, graphic artist and audio director of a video game studio in Denver, CO USA.  For the past 18 years, he has released many Lp & Eps in all mediums as well as a DVD of video work across various boutique labels including but not limited to: Eilean Rec, Dronarivm, Archipel, Somnia, Home Normal, Hibernate, Experimedia Records, Archipel, and several Netlabels such as 12k’s term, Zymogen, Basic Sounds, and Autoplate

Together these artist weave a rich sonic tapestry that explores the micro and macro through their soundscapes. Deep pulsating drones undulate throughout a bed of field recordings as soft piano melodies slowly drift in and out of the listeners peripherals. Scattered fragments of vocals shimmer across a rich web of synthesis and textures as the listener is slowly drawn into a deep current of harmonic content, gently exploring the natural dynamics of the environmental sounds within. The album is a stark exploration of the things unseen, the beauty of the world around us and the wonders of the everyday.

A massive thank you to everybody that has supported our releases this year. You can now pre-order the cassette and find all our other release via the Elm Records Bandcamp page.


Music composed, recorded and mixed by Giulio Aldinucci, Jason Corder and Nhung Nguyen

Additional violin by Tomasz Mreńca

Mastered by James E Armstrong

Photography by Giulio Aldinucci

Design by James Osland

http://www.soundawakener.com http://www.giulioaldinucci.com http://www.noise.offthesky.com


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