City of Dawn – Where The World Quietly Sing Their Song [El Gran E Records]

A latest collection of meditative, lustrous compositions with haunting gloomy strings to express tragic, melancholy and well-being. Where the world quietly sing their song is about existential drift and silence in which was made in reverence to that space. As COVID-19 has taken many lives including some family members and friends. The sense of purposelessness that pervades the existence is however can be replaced by a sense of connection and love, which can emerges from interactions with one another. As we cope with losses, different drifts, grief and however finding ourselves. This album is inspired by the movie “Lost in Translation”


released July 20, 2021

Written, Recorded & produced by City Of Dawn
Except for “Melody” written by Dottie and remixed / rearranged by City Of Dawn
Mastered at SDS Studio (WA) by Drew Sullivan
Photo cover by Christie Bentley
Layout by Damien Duque

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