(ph)authers – paintings of a yesteryear

The long awaited follow up to their self titled release is finally near and on the horizon. Arriving on Rusted Tone Recordings, (Ph)authers is the duo of Fossil Hunting Collective and Hymns57. Both artists boast a hefty sonic tapestry in their own right but when combined as (Ph)authers, the sum of their parts wields like a sonic bear hug. Melding equal parts ambient and experimental terrain, lush with lofi overlays and steeped in post rock sensibilities. 

‘Paintings of a Yesteryear’ has been in the works for close to two years now. Listeners are treated to a patient and careful delivery of detail and subtleties. From the tongue in cheek samples on the opening track; ‘On the Precipice of Suburban Smoke’, playing off their namesake (pronounced ‘fathers’) to the dizzying array of layers that slowly unfold throughout the album. 

Jones and Steve respectively cover an abundance of sounds on this new RTR release. Much akin to their solo efforts, one can find processed field recordings and massive synth excursions, treated acoustic guitars, indiscernible lofi etchings and even some drums and percussive samplings tossed in for good measure. Overall, ‘Paintings of a Yesteryear’ is the sound of epic detail in exquisite registration. Like listening to a strong feeling that yearns to be vented but instead remains left internalised in each track, echoing in on itself.

Released June 28, 2021 

(Ph)authers is Jones & Steven 
All music written and recorded by (Ph)authers 
Art by Richelle Forsey 
Track 6 drums by Hunter 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

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