Francis M. Gri – Stille [mailbox]

About this release:

“‘Stille’ was recorded towards the end of winter 2020. With this EP I wanted to try and reflect the mood of what is currently a very uncertain period: reclusion, apathy, and the feeling of going forward into a blurry future. With this in mind, my intention was to create a sound that was dirty, imperfect and perhaps broken in some sort of way, yet bonded with delicate melodies of guitars and piano; the ethereal vocals of Lilium complete the wide range of colours I was going for. ‘Stille’ is about addressing the now, but also to offer an embrace of hope for anyone who needs it.” – Francis M. Gri


released July 9, 2021

Written and produced by Francis M. Gri
Mastered by Francis M. Gri at
Vocals by Lilium

Artwork by James A. McDermid

Video trailer created and produced by Francesca Bonci

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