various artists – sustain series, vol. 1 [ambientologist]

The Sustain Series project continues with its second volume, 24 recycled forms created from old and unused material. Since the release of Volume 1 in November last year, more artists have come together to salvage, repurpose, restore and deconstruct each other’s pieces, or collaborate on a particular idea. What results is a growing variety of approaches and outputs, from subtle embellishments to full disfigurement.

Volume 2 moves thematically, as if in four chapters, from the expressive openers, through enchanting natural-sounding pieces, before opening up to more ethereal expanses, and finally darker and more thoughtful ones. As it does, visions emerge of our natural world – its power, its beauty and its vulnerability.

As before, all Bandcamp proceeds will be used to fund our move towards a sustainable future. After raising more than $500 for Conservation International last year, the project is this time partnering with Julie’s Bicycle, a non-profit aimed at mobilising arts and culture to take action on climate change, focusing on high-impact programmes and policy change to make a meaningful impact.

Ambientologist would like to thank all the artists involved, for participating in this project, lending their skills, and contributing to such a diverse collection of pieces.


Composed, performed and reworked by the artists named
Additional material by Glassing on track 14
Mastering by Ian Hawgood
Image by and copyright of Fran McNamara
Design by Ambientologist 


released July 9, 2021

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