Hawgood | Hüwels | Murray – Day Falls [Home Normal]

‘Day Falls’ is an album of low-light guitar and synth works processed with tape delays on decayed and worn reels, carefully constructed by Home Normal residents Ian Hawgood, James Murray and Stijn Hüwels.

“This final release was recorded in the earliest part of the pandemic last year and is a work of deep analog-love and ambient soulfulness recorded between three friends. This really was the perfect coming together of tone, sound, development and warm enveloping slow-build melodies across our very different ways of working as a trio. Guitar, synths, and lots of fuzzy reel looping sourced to make the most perfect of works, and mark a truly beautiful highlight for the label.”Home Normal


released July 1, 2021

Written and produced by Ian Hawgood, Stijn Hüwels and James Murray

Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Cover photography by Kim Pecheur

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