Christopher Royal King & Nico Rosenberg – música para nuevos tiempos [INNI]

Christopher Royal King from the celebrated post-rock band, This Will Destroy You, joins forces with Chilean composer, Nico Rosenberg, for a collaborative album on the imprint INNI.

“This album was born from several loops recorded on a lofi cassette that I sent to Chris during the first wave of the Covid,” Rosenberg comments. “They were mostly violin loops or synthesizers played by me, but there was also a recording of a 12-sax ensemble playing on a park and and old tape with choirs that I found on the street. With Chris’s instrumentation and ideas, the loops began to have a narrative and therefore a composition.”

Christopher Royal King offers more insight on the creative process: “I was really enjoying the degraded loops Nico sent me at the beginning of the year and an auditory narrative started to develop. The tonal quality of the recordings were interesting and dynamic – lots of harmonics going. Using a range of instruments like cello, CP70 piano, modular synth, midi guitar, etc. To create a variety of sounds and melodies.

“We would trade mixes back and forth. Sometimes running the mixes or individual tracks through my Amphex ‘1/4’ tape machine for saturation. Once we got the mixes down and were feeling it we would continue the process. The whole process was very fluid and open-ended – creating a feeling of rawness and freedom.”


released April 2, 2021

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