blochemy – aithem [whitelabrecs]

We’re pleased to present the next album by Czech Republic based artist blochemy who released ‘nebe’ with us in 2020. As an artist, blochemy has also released music with Hibernate recordings, Shimmering Moods Clean Error Records and Sun Sea Sky Production. He has been developing his sound since the mid nineties, informed by a curiosity that has seen his musical taste branch into IDM and Ambient styles. blochemy’s work in recent years, inside his home studio, is seen as a means to escape the daily routine, to allow himself the time to explore his own ideas and practice an unhurried self-expression. 

‘nebe’ was released in February 2020, at a time of uncertainty as the pandemic had only begun to take hold. Its central theme revolves around the sky, as the cover artwork and dreamy sound places the head into the clouds. ‘aithem’ was created during the pandemic, with its time worn, eroded melancholy textures perhaps reflecting the worries for the future and social distancing which have become all too familiar for many. 

The clean and minimal sound allows the listener to be conscious of the future as we look ahead with optimism. Whereas the decaying tape recorder aesthetic urges you to also reflect back upon the past, over half-forgotten memories. Yet the hushed tones of these pieces still the mind, to create an environment where you can just be present, within the moment.

Written and produced by blochemy
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Photography by blochemy
Art and design by Andrew Heath

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