andrew heath – drawings from imagined cites [elm records]

Andrew Heath’s first full length release with Elm Records comes in the form of this beautiful EP ‘Drawings From Imagined Cities’. Having previously released as part of the ‘Waiting For Spring’ compilation Andrews latest offering is a full length album written and recorded during the beautiful and quiet springtime of 2020.

A soundscape artist and composer, Andrew Heath creates quiet, ambient, lower-case music based around piano, electronics and field recordings, drawing inspiration from a simple piano motif, an electronic shimmer or a processed found sound.

“Drawings from Imagined Cities represents a shift in my work from the intimate and at times darker and somber moods of ‘A Trace of Phosphor’, to a more open and tonal sound very much reflective of that peaceful, unhurried environment. I found myself experimenting with a more dreamlike palette, warmer and quieter which reflected the days I spent walking and simply listening to the muted world around me. My ever present use of field recordings, seemed for me to represent small events that took place during the writing of this album, for example the blackbird in ‘Melancholia’ which we would listen to each evening as the light faded in our garden. So, informed by this ‘quiet time’ that we all found ourselves in, I was also inspired by much of the new music I was listening to which seemed to resonate with this feeling of allowing oneself to drift as if in a daydream. My ‘rediscovery’ of the body of work that became ‘Arcadia’ seemed to point in that direction as well. I had also started experimenting much more with my guitar and this album presents it more prominently than previous releases, but possibly not in ways that are easily recognisable. I loved the physicality of playing, with small movements bringing about a more controlled change in sound, but my continuing fascination with the piano remains.”

“Drawings from Imagined Cities was written very quickly over quite a short period. I’m very aware that many struggled during this time, but I luckily found it very cathartic and these pieces came about as much by a sense of compulsion as design. I’m hugely grateful to Elm Records for releasing this into the world and I’m also delighted that it’s available on tape – a medium that I’m always drawn to.”

A massive thank you to everybody that has supported our releases this year. You can now pre-order the cassette and find all our other release via the Elm Records Bandcamp page.
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