guy gelem – scenario [whitelabrecs]

<facets> is an audio-visual series, co-curated between Whitelabrecs and Art North Magazine. This collection provides a space in our catalog for digital music, in which we aim to provide more than a few mp3s and a low resolution square image. Each edition of <facets> is pitched equally at both your eyes and ears. Sonic and visual textures overlap as we pair musicians, composers or sound designers with painters, sculptors or photographers. The work includes the music in a range of formats, specially created visual artwork and a PDF art booklet containing imagery, interviews and liner notes. Our collective aim is to create a coherent work of cross-media art, where the creative outputs of a sonic artist and a visual artist complement each other as a singular creative output. 

In our third edition of this series, we welcome back Guy Gelem from from Jerusalem, Israel. Guy has released music with labels including Quiet Design, Mini50, Time Release Sound and Rural Colours. He also contributed the album ‘Entirety’ back in 2016, our inaugural year. ‘Scenario’ is an EP created using his signature instruments, cello and guitar, with which he has woven a collection of tracks reflecting on themes of creation. The concept considers the world and its processes; how everything is organised, and as one gigantic scenario.

After we received a couple of initial submissions from Guy, we handed the tracks to artist Susan Macintosh who began to sketch out preparatory works that had been directly informed by the music. We also introduced Susan’s artwork to Guy and he composed the remainder of ‘Scenario’, before returning the completed five-track EP. Further interpretations were created by Susan, as she immersed herself in the music. The end result of this collaborative challenge is a sensory blend of texture and colour, both sonically and visually; steeped in a palpable earthy charm that reflects the natural world.

Music: Guy Gelem 
Mastering: James Edward Armstrong 
Art Direction & Editing: Ian McKay 
Artwork: Susan Macintosh 

Project Curators: Harry Towell (Music) & Ian McKay (Visual Art)

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