seigo aoyama – on the drift (self-released)

Seigo Aoyama’s new album “On The Drift” is based on the original scenery that he has been holding in his heart since childhood. It’s like his diary, in which various scenes colored by memories and experiences are drawn through music. His idea in this album is, “Until the day when I live by rooting on the ground, I will flow and drift through the landscape like a cloud floating in the sky.”

The scent of flowers drifting out of nowhere on spring nights. At dawn of summer, when everything is asleep, the starlight disappears from the sky one by one. A faint whisper of fallen leaves that suddenly trampled on an autumn afternoon. The warmth of the sun through the glass on a winter morning. Each landscape and feel becomes music and is scattered throughout this album.

released February 10, 2021

Seigo Aoyama is a musician/composer/sound designer residing in Tokyo. He had been playing the piano since his childhood and started his career in music from 20 years old playing piano & keyboards in pop, rock and jazz groups. During his career, he studied classical/modern music with a focus on 20th century composers (Debussy, Stravinsky, Messiaen, Schaeffer, Cage, and Reich for instance). In 2014 he started incorporating field recording into his contemporary, ambient or experimental music. He has released 3 albums and composed music for the other performers.

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