lee yi – lee yi [thesis]


This work is based on the visualization of everyday things, images or even imaginations, experiences in which it could be present or in which it could not.

In this world where everything goes so fast, where everything is superfluous and perishable, where what is today will no longer be tomorrow; I like trying to find beauty in the simple things in life and knowing that this is immutable, we just have to pay a little attention to it.

Gregory’s proposal to make an album to spend some time listening to seemed like a fascinating idea and at the same time an intimidating challenge, that’s why I have chosen to create songs with solid structures, full of small nuances, with string arrangements that invite the listener to find out, rather than aimless random improvisations.

The first sounds I have captured have suggested images of specific moments to me and I have kept them until the end, simply letting it flows until it becomes what it is now. For this I have preferred to use real instruments such as piano, trombone, guitar etc … instead of highly processed sounds, wrapping all this with a touch of modern classic jazz.

I may have been influenced by a painting by a famous painter or by a renaissance tragedy that I have never experienced or simply by the movement of the trees, the fact is that I have found a moment of connection with music in which I have wanted to stay and I hope that these sounds can help the listener to build their own bridge back to humanization through music.


released June 1, 2021

Mastered by Simon Scott @ SPS Mastering
Artwork by Gregory Euclide

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