konstruct – three (squared) [rtr]

Following the start of social restrictions last year, Alexander Caminada (aka Phonsonic), Andrew Heath and Simon McCorry found themselves considering new ways to collaborate that would circumvent the barriers placed upon everyone. Obviously, a system of file exchange would be used, and it became apparent that the idea of creating deliberate limitations with which to work within would be an interesting one to explore. 

The three musicians would each in turn create three simple and short, audio files. They would do this three times. Each recording would be of one instrument (or non-instrument sometimes) and each one would be different. This would result in a total of 27 files. These were then divided up between them. 

Alex, Andrew and Simon would then create three pieces from their allocation of audio files and each piece would only use three of the nine available. A further limitation was that only these recordings could be used, and each musician would only be allowed to use treatments and manipulations to complete each of the pieces. 

Originally devised as a form of sonic and compositional experiment, this formula quickly became the defining factor and inspiration for driving the project forward and the resulting nine pieces are both diverse and yet inhabit their own cohesive sound world.

Released May 31, 2021 

Music by Alexander Carminada (aka Phonsonic), Andrew Heath, and Simon McCorry 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Artwork and design by Andrew Heath

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