pool of light – modern caveman [rtr]

Pool Of Light is the performance and recording project of Saint Petersburg-based multi-instrumentalist Anton Bogdanov. Exploring drone, psychedelia and improvisation, Anton’s work guides the listener into a trance as soundscapes evolve over time. Under the Pool Of Light project, Anton has released music via Pantheophania, WV Sorcerer Productions, Golden Ratio Frequencies, Grisaille, Unline and many more. Never compromising on quality, Anton’s discography is impressive over the four years since starting the project in 2017. 

Marking the 40th physical release on RTR, ‘Modern Caveman’ delivers five long-form tracks, combining guitar, synthesiser, voice and extended playing techniques. 

Recorded 2018-2019 in China 

All tracks improvised

Released April 26, 2021 

Anton Bogdanov – electric guitars, cello bow, e-bow, voice, analog synth, effects, looping and noises 

Special thanks to Ying Taozi 

All names are fictional 

Recorded and mixed by Anton Bogdanov 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong

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