seafields – moss covered technology [review]

It’s been an absolute pleasure to follow Moss Covered Technology’s journey from the very beginning. He is one of those artists who seems to have a deep appreciation for the craft of music making and this clearly shows in all of his music. From his initial release ‘Spicherbank’, on the now defunct Eilean Records, to his last release ‘Quiet Loops’ on the Canadian imprint Dewtone Greig has been making some big waves in the ambient community, and quite rightly so. His latest release continues on this upward trajectory with the beautifully crafted sonic wonderland that is ‘Seafields’, available now through the Russian label Dronarivm. 

‘Seafields’ sees Greig, yet again, refining his creative process, delving deeper into this deep-seated pool of intricate sound design. With meandering melodies and lush harmonic drones he strips back any unnecessary sounds leaving us with a rich world of subtle textures and spacious atmospheres, creating a beautiful backdrop for melodic synth lines and glitchy electronics that skim across the surface, inviting the listener to delve deeper into the world of ’Seafields’.

Greig’s attention to detail shines through in this album with each layer delicately moving and shifting until it finds its final resting place, nestling in to a gorgeous bed of synth work. Elegant Boards Of Canada-esque arpeggiators traverse around gentle electronics and waves of soft synths, recreating the gentle lapping of the ocean tides, the warm sea air and the soft sands beneath your feet. Waves of comforting drones wash past you like a soft summer’s breeze, revitalising the listening and reminding us of the beauty that surrounds us. Simple melodies drift in and around the listener’s ears, dancing around the stereo field of the tracks creating subtle movements like distant buoys floating across the surface of the sea.

For me this album is steeped in a deep nostalgia for my childhood days, trips to the beach with the family, long car journeys home watching the rolling countryside past by my window, playing Nintendo with friends and just enjoying the freedoms that come with being young and carefree. Everything about this album fills you with hope, which is something we could all do with right now. This album clearly focuses on the positives in life, guiding the listener into a gentle corner of the world where we are reminded of what it is to be human. A truly stunning work that reveals something new on every listen, one not to be missed.

The album is available on CD through the Dronarivm Bandcamp page in a beautiful designed discbox slider with special finish. Grab your copy now as I can guarantee they will not be around for long.

Reviewed by James Osland

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