harry whalley – slower still [rtr]

Slower Still (RTR038) is a composition based on geological time. Originally a piece for orchestra performed by ‘ECME’, this release is a processed version of an orchestral performance. 

Each section of the piece relates to a different geological epoch: 

1) First Vertebrates (c380ma) 
2) Oxygen Rich (c580ma) 
3) Atmosphere (c2300ma) 
4) Photosynthesis (3200ma) 
5) Heavy Bombardment (4000ma) 

The recording was recorded at an extremely high sample rate and then slowed down again and again through a combination of bouncing and pitch-shifting using both reel-to-reel and digital means. 

Harry Whalley is a composer of contemporary classical music. His work centres on Art/Science collaborations and ways in which music can reflect wider scientific or mathematical principals. His is a reader in sound at music at the University for the Creative Arts and works in-between Belfast, Edinburgh and London.

Released February 24, 2021 

Composed and manipulated by Harry Whalley 
Ensemble ‘ECME’ conducted by Gordon Bragg 
Recorded by Tim Cooper 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Artwork by Guillaume Bergaglia

‘Slower Still’ (RTR038) is available now on tape, digital, and as part of a double album bundle alongside Akira Sileas – ‘Ito’ (RTR038).

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