nebel lang – lookdown [self released]

we the people 

used to meet in bars we met in shops 

we met in cafes we met on the dot 

we met at half past we met in the square 

remember the people you used to meet there 

we were the people 

the people were we 

we were the people we used to be 

a quiet murmur 

a clink of a cup 

the clash of a plate that had almost been dropped 

a hubbub of voices 

sometimes a lull 

the language we spoke as the light grew dull 

we the people 

never knew we were never knew we wouldn’t 

be ‘we’ no more 

i meet you now and i keep my distance 

as i absently hug the air 

i the people 

i once was people 

the people i used to be 

and i grow sparser 

as the nights grow colder 

i the people 

i used to be people 

the people used to be me

released January 28, 2021 

text by bailey rose

recorded in 2017 at a tiny café where I used to work.
Kiel, Germany.

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