richard whaling – entropy [rtr]

Rusted Tone Recordings is proud to release the debut from Chicago-based experimental musical Richard Whaling. Originally planned for release toward the end of 2020, Richard was introduced to RTR listeners through an appearing on Sampler Vol. 3. The initial release was postponed due to the pandemic, and instead becomes one of two albums starting 2021’s physical run for the label. 

‘Entropy’ features five tracks focused on modular synthesis and the process of improvisation, presenting nothing progressions with ever-changing detail. Richards tracks lend very well to the tape medium, making use of subtle saturation and warmth. 

In addition to the five tracks created by Richard, RTR alumni Mi Cosa de Resistance and Slow Clinic join the album through the contribution of remixes, expanding on Richard’s sound with their own unique approaches to round off the album. 

Artwork for this release was provided by James Osland, who upon hearing the album in full, took to his photography archive and selected a layered image that supports the dreamy and expansive sound Richard has created.

Released January 25, 2021 

All music and algorithms by Richard Whaling 
Track 6 Remixed by Slow Clinic 
Tracks 7 and 8 remixed by Mi Cosa de Resistance 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Artwork by James Osland

‘Entropy’ was released alongside James Osland’s ‘Almond Drive’ (RTR035) as part of a double album bundle. The bundles sold out during pre-orders, but both albums are still available individually over on Bandcamp.

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