julian ross – fadeaway [sound in silence]

Julian Ross is the ambient/post-rock duo of Ettore Di Roberto, co-founder and still member of Port-Royal, and Andrea Comotto, former bassist in a local blues band, based in Genoa, Italy. Formed in 2016, Julian Ross released their debut album Retrospective on Silent Flow netlabel in 2018, representing the meeting of two different visions of music naturally blending one into each other.

Fadeaway, Julian Ross’ second full-length album, consists of five long-form tracks with a total duration of 35 minutes. Blending layers of mesmerizing synth pads, hypnotic bass lines, loops of delicate acoustic guitar arpeggios, subtle beats, electronic glitches, lo-fi samples, field recordings and indistinct voices from various speeches, Julian Ross create a wonderful album that perfectly mixes warm ambient, gentle electronica and minimal post-rock.

Released December 14, 2020

Written and produced by Andrea Comotto and Ettore Di Roberto in Genoa (Italy) from 01/2019 till 09/2020
Mastering by Emilio Pozzolini 10/2020
Photography and design by George Mastrokostas

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