winterwood – neverending tide [rtr]

‘Neverending Tide’ (RTR033) was meticulously crafted utilising field recordings from a series of trips in Australia, to remote areas of the Victorian Great Ocean Road region, and Cherry Lake, located within an industrial area of Melbourne’s western suburbs. 

A sense of family nostalgia weighs heavy on the album, as both the Great Ocean Road, and Cherry Lake were destinations for regular family outings during Zac’s childhood in the 1980s. 

The sounds represent a wonderful juxtaposition, a clash, between nature and population. Bearing this idea in mind, ‘Neverending Tide’ is intended as a journey from one geographical extreme to another where the field recordings dominate the listening experience while the music is subtly employed to emphasize different aspects of each environment. 

‘Neverending Tide’ presents an immersive listening experience, combining expansive progressions, rumbling lows and detailed field recordings. A vast sonic journey is created.  

Released December 11, 2020 

Written, recorded and mixed by Zac and Holly Winterwood 
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong 
Artwork by Zac Winterwood and Tim Keller

‘Neverending Tide’ is available on tape, digital, and as part of a double album bundle alongside Andrew Lang’s ‘Momentary Senses’ (RTR034).

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