various artists – sustain series, vol. 1 [ambientologist]

Over the past year, a selection of artists have been digging through the depths of their creative pursuits, for material they either cannot finish, or else would like to see adapted. These same artists and more have delved into the resulting repertoire, and emerged with new, repurposed pieces. 

Out of this births the first volume of the Sustain Series: a means for artists to make use of old sounds, hoping to bring forward music that might have otherwise not seen the light of day. Thanks to the input from a variety of fantastic musicians, old material can breathe new life, sometimes in more than one form. 

In keeping with this ‘recycling’ of ideas, all proceeds of the compilation here on Bandcamp will go to Conservation International, promoting sustainability and conservation across the world. 

It’s ever more important to think sustainably for the sake of our planet, and every effort we make will help curb the cataclysmic events we see shaping in front of us. Give what is feasible in these tough times, but most of all please enjoy this collection of recovered gems. 

Album art for this series features the brilliant art of Fran McNamara, whose work makes use of repurposed materials. Through her use of ‘found and tossed objects’, she exhibits the impact of human activities on natural environments, and our wider connection with the natural world. 

Her paintings make use of comics, maps, magazines and packaging in an attempt to “elevate the viewer’s awareness of our involvement as human beings in our world’s case for eco-sustainability.” 

Composed, performed and reworked by the artists named 
Mastering by Ian Hawgood 
Image by Fran McNamara
Design by Ambientologist  

released November 27, 2020

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