eternell – imagined distances [sound in silence]

Eternell is the ethereal and meditative music project of Ludvig Cimbrelius, based in Höör, Sweden. Since 2014 he has released several sublime albums on his own Eternell label and a compilation on Stereoscenic Records, while he is also known for his ambient/dub techno Purl project with releases on labels such as Silent Season, Dewtone Recordings, Archives, A Strangely Isolated Place, Databloem and many others. During the last decade Cimbrelius has also released his music under his own name and various monikers such as Alveol, Surr, Rust, Illuvia, Ziyal, Xpire and others.

Imagined Distances is made up of six long-form tracks with a total duration of something more than 75 minutes. Cimbrelius’ intelligent arrangement blends layers of airy synths, warm pads, drifting guitar melodies, subtle bass rhodes and indistinct dreamy vocals, resulting in one of his most accomplished works to date.

Released July 1, 2020

Music by Ludvig Cimbrelius
Mastering and design by George Mastrokostas
Photography by Braden Jarvis

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