radosław kurzeja – ogród botaniczny w palermo [nasze nagrania]

Radosław Kurzeja in his latest album “Ogród Botaniczny w Palermo” (Palermo Botanical Garden) is continuing to explore widely understood ambient music. The process of writing the music was like long-standing collage, repetitively coming back with a new piece of sound by the author. In contrast to the previous album “Noce” (Nights), the new album do not have animposed idea. The work at “Ogród Botaniczny w Palermo” was an intuitional searching of a consistent narration with sources in private life, music(Christian Fennesz, David Sylvian, Ryūichi Sakamoto), literature (Raymond Roussel, Matteo Collura) and movies (Italian neorealism). The whole album is like a story made of memories, myths of journeys and adventure. 

Radosław Kurzeja – musician, draughtsman, librarian. He released four albums: Lake or Sad War (2012, test tube), Nowa Apokalipsa (2014, self published), Noce (2017, BDTA) and Ogród Botaniczny w Palermo (2020, Nasze Nagrania). He took part in projects such as:Scena Robocza (Łódź), Sygnał/Szum (Płock), Laboratorium Stereo (Kraków), Kolonia Artystów (Gdańsk). For couple of years, He was taking care of musical frame at Slam in Magazyn Kultury, Kraków. He comes from Stary Sącz, now based in Kraków.


muzyka/music – Radosław Kurzeja 
gitara w Koniec Maja/guitar in Koniec Maja – Przemysław Kurzeja 
mastering – Piotr Dąbrowski 
oładka/cover art – Artur Grucela (fragment obrazu “Boys of Summer”) 

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