Túrion – low spirits [shimmering moods]

low spirits is a project that began with a few aimless production sessions, yet ended up blooming into an album that encompasses 4 years
of personal growth, hardship, and joy.

It’s about having the courage to
take risks, the process of embracing queer identity, and struggling to
fall asleep. With no silences in between, these nine tracks form one
coherent piece of music that features many different sound palettes;
sometimes meditative, sometimes oppressive, sometimes something
completely different.

With all that said, I dearly invite everyone to
ascribe their own meaning to these songs, and to, most of all, enjoy it! Jaap van Hamond

Released October 29, 2020

Limited Edition CD / 50 copies / Hand Numbered / Hand Made Packages / Brown Kraft Wallets / Professional duplicated cdr

Available here: https://shimmeringmoodsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/low-spirits

composition, production and mixing: Jaap van Hamond
mastering: Roel Weerdenburg
artwork: Jaap van Hamond

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