matt atkins & slow clinic – enfolding [rtr]

After years of intention, Matt Atkins and James Edward Armstrong (Slow Clinic, A Home For Ghosts) began a long-distance collaboration during the early months of nationwide lockdowns in across the UK. The outcome of this collaboration, the album ‘Enfolding’, marks Matt’s second appearance on RTR, and James’ first under the Slow Clinic name. 

The album combines long-form guitar drones and improvised playing with found sound, electronics, objects and processing. The album was undoubtably influenced by social and political tensions in the UK as for many, day to day life ground to an abrupt halt. A darker sound palette, rumbling frequencies, dissonance and ambiguous sound events respond to uncertainty, monotony and apprehension experienced by so many. 

‘On The Inside’ I, II, and III were started by Matt, presenting a collage of processed electronics and objects to which James’ improvised guitar playing through numerous effects pedals respond. The final track, ‘Buried Beneath’ was the first to be written, based on James’ guitar drones and random objects, expanded with Matt’s manipulated textures.

released October 26, 2020 

Matt Atkins – electronics, processing and found sound 
James Edward Armstrong – electric guitar, effects pedals and objects 
Artwork by Matt Atkins 
Mixed and mastered by James Edward Armstrong

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