selvedge – bloom in rust [rtr]

‘BLOOM IN RUST’ is the latest album from SELVEDGE, the dark ambient and experimental project of Kansas-based musician Chance Dibben. Throughout the album, Chance explores twisted synths, bubbling textures, and metallic percussive elements. There’s also extensive use of the stereo field, creating an immersive, and at points, unsettling listening experience.

‘BLOOM IN RUST’ arrives at a time when the seasons are changing and the nights get longer, soundtracking an unavoidable descent through dissonance, distortion and deep, rumbling drones.

Chance started working on this album back during the spring and summer months of 2019 with the intention of making something lighter. As summer faded to autumn, the album gradually became what it is today. Thematically, ‘BLOOM IN RUST’ is inspired by the idea of journeying through the mantle of Earth.

Released October 26, 2020

Written and recorded by Chance Dibben/SELVEDGE
Mastered by James Edward Armstrong
Artwork by Chance Dibben

‘BLOOM IN RUST’ by SELVEDGE is available on tape and digital via Rusted Tone Recordings.

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