josh alexander – bright morning jetlag blues [moderna]

Bright Morning Jetlag Blues is an evocation of the mood that embraces you as you return home after a long trip – you may be pleased to see familiar walls again, but alongside it is the melancholy of the return, the feeling of ‘what next?’ Completed this year, Alexander’s emotive EP has only felt more relevant, with plans thrown into disarray there is a sensation of being swamped with nostalgia and memories.

The piano was recorded in an old school in Bristol, mostly on a well-used upright in what used to be the assembly hall. Electronics (analogue synths and modular-processed piano) were added slowly after over the following months, and cello was performed and recorded by Florence Fawcett in her bedroom during lockdown. The artwork by Vanessa Lovegrove reflects the disorientation of the record with impossibly balanced ‘totems’ of shapes that give a feeling of both stillness and unease.

Josh Alexander is a classically trained composer and musician based in Bristol (UK). He has been experimenting and making music since his youth, exploring creative ways of integrating ambient sounds with modern composition.

Released October 9, 2020 

All music written and produced by Josh Alexander 
Cello by Florence Fawcett 
Mastered by Taylor Deupree 
Artwork by Vanessa Lovegrove

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