‘t geruis – Que tu es belle, au revoir en douceur [lost tribe sound]

‘Que tu es belle, au revoir en douceur’ serves a brief and pleasing introduction to the rough-edged dream worlds of Belgian musician, ’t Geruis. Lost Tribe Sound is proud to present a small taste of things to come with these four colorful pieces. The EP is mainly focused on mental imagery and inhabiting the wide open spaces between the ears. Yet one can feel the last rays of the Summer sun warming their back as the leaves fall and begin their annual transformation back into soil.  

There is a lot to love here, much that feels familiar and comforting. Like fumbling around in the deep folds of the brain, finding forgotten technicolor melodies amidst the clutter. The landscapes are both synthetic and acoustic, never quite revealing their true identity. The looping nature of this music almost seems to hypnotize itself, periodically waking from the trance with a bit of a stutter. It recalls the likes of some of our favorite dusted electro-acoustic acts, most notably, the humblebee or even a mildly sedated Freescha. 

‘Que tu es belle, au revoir en douceur’ serves as the precursor to the upcoming full-length debut from ’t Geruis, due out in early 2021. All subscribers to the Lost Tribe Sound Fearful Void series will receive this digital EP as a free bonus. The EP is also available to non-subscribers as well. 

Total run time: 17 minutes 

Music by ‘t Geruis 
Mastering by William Ryan Fritch 
Cover art by R. Keane 
© ‘t Geruis 
℗ Settled Scores LLC (ASCAP)

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